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What I liked most was the wonderful connection we had- most of us never having met each other, yet the connection was wonderful. I think having the communal dinners help solidify the relationship. The chats around the kitchen while others prepared and the long dinners. I think if we had spent more time “going out” we would not have had such great discussions.

The setting of the home was breathtaking for me. The long, gorgeous,  empty sandy beach walks were a highlight for me.

Lisa, March 2017 participant

My morning walks were a dream.  Cooking together was a special moment as were the one on one chats.  You can count on me returning for another retreat!

Elise, March 2017 participant

I loved my yoga experience because I met great like minded yogis and made new friends. The experience is amazing for everyone, those who do yoga regularly or someone like me that hadn't done yoga for a number of years.

GC, March 2017

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