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Who we are

Mary d'Eon

Louise Hanley

Looking for a more collaborative way of life which honored the divine feminine, Mary retired after 35 years in the investment field.  The result was deciding to set up a retreat with a goal is to create a space where people can connect in a cooperative, caring environment.  Through synchronicity, she ended up in the Exumas in 2013.  Attracted to its unparalleled beauty and simplicity coupled with a raw adventurous spirit, her dream was born.    The intention is to make Sandhappens into a community space that exalts the spirit and nourishes the soul.  


Mary has studied the chakras and healing  and is knowledgeable in many other subjects.  She believes in passing the knowledge she has on to people to empower them.  She ran a successful series called "women and money" to empower friends in 2011.

If requested, Mary will  provide optional learning modules on the retreat.


Louise has been teaching yoga for 17 years.

 “I get so much pleasure and satisfaction from introducing people to the joys and challenges of yoga as well as helping more advanced practitioners deepen their practice. I don’t teach large classes but smaller more intimate groups so I can support each person in their yoga practice in a way that best serves their needs.”

Louise’s first teacher training was a two year Astanga yoga program in 1998-2000 and in 2010 she became a Certified Anusara teacher. She has over 700 hours of Anusara training.


On and off the mat her practice embodies the deepest teachings of oneness: the respect of herself and  others comes from the understanding of our interconnectedness.

She is a classically trained flutist & enjoyed many years of performing and teaching the flute before focusing on yoga as a vocation.


"We are all here on the earth to experience human emotions through our physical form to learn and grow.  Join us for the wonderful journey of expansion."

"I like to inspire artistic expression in my yoga students the same way I have encouraged my many flute students to express themselves through music.”

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