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Where in the world is there such a beautiful place?

The astronauts first saw it from outer space.  They couldn't believe their eyes. What is this place?   It is The Exumas - an archipelago of 365 cays or islands located in the Bahamas just off the coast of Florida and to the north of Haiti and Cuba.  Our retreats take place at  One Tar Bay  on Great Exuma, the largest island in the Exumas.   The Bahamians proudly say there is "one island in the Exumas for every day of the year".  Join us to get your annual share!


There are direct flights to the Exumas from Miami, Atlanta, Toronto, Charlotte and Nassau.  Daily flights  are from Miami (American) and Atlanta (Delta) and Nassau (Sky Bahamas and Bahamasair).  From Toronto (Air Canada) and Charlotte are weekly flights.  Visit our website: to see the house accommodation and to read more about the Exumas.

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