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Negative thoughts = Negative Experiences

Updated: Mar 5, 2018

I recently spent some time with a person who really wanted to tell me about all his negative experiences around a subject that is very dear to my heart - healing. Nothing could have made this person happy and his anger pervaded every comment. He hated the health care system, thought he paid too much for it, thought it was broken, etc. It went on and on and the fact that I had had a totally positive experience with my knee surgery seemed to infuriate him even more. There was a seething anger underneath the surface just waiting to come out and he wanted to blame someone for it - the government, the system, whoever.

I am using this to highlight how not to heal. I am not interested in getting into a debate about anything. If that is what you want to do, this is not your website. Go somewhere else - find another group who supports that kind of thinking. If you want to change the way you can heal, please read on.

Our thoughts create our reality and having thoughts like: nothing works, it is impossible to get good care, etc. will lead you to just that. It is a masochistic loop that never lets you out. And maybe that is what you want deep down but I hope if you are reading this blog you don't want this. You want to change and heal and you are looking for a better way, a way to a better, happier and more fulfilling life, my experience will show you the tools to do so,

I decided my first blog would be about self healing because I have gotten quite good at it. Although that may sound arrogant or smug, it is not my intention. I really want to share my recent healing experience because it was so profound for me that I think others can learn deeply from it. It is quite a long story and you need a bit of an open mind so please open your mind and your heart and prepare to learn just how to make sure you don't have a negative experience.

I have had knee problems since a couple of skiing accidents but assumed it would be part of my life and adapted my activities so I could be active with a ruptured ACL. Once I started personal work and began to communicate more effectively with my body, my knee wasn't going to let me ignore it anymore and so one day in September 2017 I was doing one of my regular dance fitness classes and my knee gave out. I felt a crunch and I knew, just knew, it was serious. I moved off the exercise floor and got some ice and waited. Within minutes I could no longer put weight on my leg and I knew I wouldn't be able to walk. I made it home by crawling up stairs and getting onto the sofa but these minor details are really immaterial except to say that many people helped me and were generous with their time. I immediately went into my healing mode. I got my computer out and went onto you tube and listened to my favorite guided meditation. I committed to healing myself and knew it would be a full time job for a few days and weeks. That in itself was very important. I also made space for healing and I gave myself the right to heal, promising myself I would dedicate my time towards it. My healing would become my main focus.

I woke up the next day with a very swollen leg. I went into action - setting up appointments with all my support healers: my physiotherapist, my accupuncturist, and massage therapist. You may notice I did not say doctor. I knew from past experience that doctors would be of no use to me at this early stage and because of the swelling it would be some time before they could get an accurate diagnosis. I did for safe measure contact a friend who is an orthopedic surgeon and he told me to see the physio, so I knew I was doing the right thing intuitively. I also googled and examined where the pain was and I quickly figured out it was my meniscus. But again these details are really irrelevant because my story is about the process of healing not the anatomical.

Once I saw my physio she confirmed there was nothing broken and that I could begin physio and movement therapy slowly. I did so. She wanted me off the crutches as soon as possible and to keep moving. I followed her recommendations caring for the swelling and listening to my body all the while doing the healing meditation and the healing affirmations which I have found particularly effective for me.

Affirmations: what are they and how do they work? I was introduced to Louise Hay's bestselling book "you can heal your life" a number of years ago. To be honest, I read it and put it aside. Then when my mother was in the hospital and I was under a great deal of stress I felt a cold sore coming on. I had suffered from cold sores for years and nothing worked. When I got under the weather my lips would break out. I decided to try out Loiuse's affirmations to heal my cold sore. I said the mantra 50 to 100 times over the next 2 days and my cold sore never erupted. I was hooked on the power of affirmations for healing! With my knee I had a bigger challenge. I looked up knee in my book and the entry revolved about not being able to move forward with ease. It also related to forgiveness, something I am honestly not very good at. I began to recite the affirmation several hundred times a day. It became part of my day, wake up, say the mantra, ice the knee, say the mantra and so on. I slowly began to heal.

I could walk aided by my crutches and if I am a 100% honest, I have to admit, I liked the attention/sympathy I was getting. Awareness around that made me realize some truths about health and just how difficult being disabled is. As I hobbled along I realized that if I didn't want this to continue my masochistic side would have to be crushed. I did some serious intention setting around healing. But even several months on I could not straighten my leg. It was time for me to contact the traditional healing community - I made an appointment at a sports clinic and saw the doctor there.

They first did x-rays wanting to eliminate a broken bone but I knew it was my meniscus. I didn't say anything, I let them do their thing. They then ordered an MRI. Now in Canada, where I live, people complain constantly about how long it takes to get an MRI and how you have to go in the middle of the night. It was Thursday when I saw the doctor. My MRI took place the following Sunday at 5:40pm. It was just across the street from the pool where I was doing my aqua workouts, so incredibly convenient. It took 15 minutes tops. My belief in my ability to heal was propelling me forward. As the new year approached I set my intentions for 2018: Heal my knee quickly and easily was at the top of the list. A short while later I had the results of the MRI - it was my meniscus just as I had known intuitively. I didn't say anything just asked what I could do to fix it. Surgery was the answer. Oh, now that is a big one. Many people like to complain about just how long you have to wait for elective surgery in Canada. American politicians are constantly making speeches about how ineffective the Canadian health care system is for elective surgery. But, I had set my intention and the universe did not let me down. The doctor said to me "can you wait around for a few minutes, I think I can help you". "of course" I replied. She organized for me to see the orthopedic surgeon within 30 minutes and he told me he could do the surgery the next Tuesday or Wednesday. That way, he enthusiastically said, I would be good to ski in March. I was elated. My intentions had been so clear and focused I had manifested the absolute best outcome.

Now it was time to focus on the surgery and post surgery healing. I began my healing protocol in anticipation of my surgery. I can't say I wasn't anxious or nervous but I was prepared. Surgery went very well, almost enjoyable. I gave myself lots of love and space for healing and was up and walking within an hour and I could straighten my leg fully! I resisted any pain medication preferring to do pain meditations as the pain kicked in 24 hours later. But I was up and about and back in physio within 2 days, completely pain free.

It is now 2 weeks since surgery. I follow my affirmation protocol daily. I am caring towards myself. I am walking, doing yoga and dancing once again. People are amazed at how fast and easily I healed - I was dancing just one week after surgery, I had no pain.

I am so excited by my successful manifestation that I want to share it with everyone. Positive thoughts do work. Setting your attention clearly and mindfully does work. Affirmations and mantras do work, as do intuition and compassion both towards yourself and others. The way we approach a challenge has the utmost impact on its outcome. More on how to do this in future blogs. Happy healing!

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Mar 08, 2018

Mary such a fantastic journey! Thanks for sharing. We can all use this process in our lives

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